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Lunch Box Monday 🙏 Prayer 📖 Scripture 🍱 Lunch

Promote your Spiritual Book in our weekly publication “Lunch Box Monday.” This will introduce your book to NEW potential customers.

Throughout the week, we email, text, and post on social media platforms ←→ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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What We Need From You:

► Email a Picture of your Book for Promotion in a JPG/PNG/PDF format

► Email the link to your Book

► We will review the Book and email you with an approval


► $15.00 (for ONE Book listed for TWO Monday's in "Lunch Box Monday")

► Payment - we will email you a PayPal billing invoice for $15.00

Email Address:

► dbecommunity@dailybreadexpress.com


Be Blessed in All you do!

DBE Community Outreach | dbecommunity@dailybreadexpress.com

Ladie Note and Team