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DBE Community Outreach - AD's ■ Books ■ Products ■ Services

Bible Study is an eBook Monthly Publication. At the end of the Bible Study “Word” we are promoting Books ■ Products ■ Services each month in our monthly eBook publication “Bible Study The Uplifting Word” on Amazon's existing platform.

Benefit ←↕→ Showcasing and expanding your reach to NEW potential customers on the largest online retailer. The more eyes you can attract to your Book/Product/Service the better your sales will be.

This would give another group of people the capability to purchase your Book/Product/Service.

You will be part of the Pop-Up Book Club - 2021 Community on Pinterest.


We have Affiliate Partnerships to link to for promoting Books and Products.

We NOW have openings available for February 2022.

What We Need From You:

►Send the Image for promoting by email or a Facebook message – JPG/PNG/PDF


$15.00 (for ONE listing)

Payment - PayPal credit card processing OR a billing invoice

►SPECIAL $30.00 (for 3-listings ←→ Book/Product/Service & Website promotion)

Payment - PayPal credit card processing OR a billing invoice


►We will ONLY accept an item that meets our Community Standards

►We will not showcase your listing until receiving full payment

►NO Refunds

Sponsor an Author in 2022 to Help them Sell Books! Visit our bookshelf on Pinterest to choose a book to support at: https://www.pinterest.com/dbecommunity/books-magazines.

(book must meet our Community Standards)

Email us with the details and payment method at: dbecommunity@dailybreadexpress.com. Let us know if you would like your name to be mentioned in the AD post or stay anonymous.

Thank-you! Be Blessed in all you do!

DBE Community Outreach dbecommunity@dailybreadexpress.com