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  • Pen Name: Brown Crayon (pseudonym)

Brown Crayon in the Workplace

Be Careful What You Say in the Workplace ▼

“Telling my story of what I experienced in the workplace.”

Be careful what you say at the office. Sharing too much information with the people you work with can be career suicide. What you say at the office can affect you for the rest of your time at that company. The office is like a second home to most people who work, so it often becomes a comfortable environment that feels like a sanctuary where you can let your hair down. As much as your coworkers and supervisor may seem like family, they're not. In fact, sharing too much information with the people you work with can be career suicide. Office etiquette is a touchy issue that many people haven't thought about. As much as it may seem political, you need to be careful about what to say to your coworkers to protect your career. One of the easiest places to spread gossip is in the office. After all, you see these people for eight hours, five days a week, so you're likely to see them at their very worst. But remember that they've been around you too. It's likely they've seen you do some things you're not happy about. If the temptation to spread the latest rumor overwhelms you, walk away from the group that is starting it. You know who the office big mouths are, and chances are, so do your supervisors. Be nice to them but don't become one of them. No matter how much you trust your coworkers, remember that their professional loyalty is to the company you're currently with. If you are going on job interviews, the person in the cubicle next to yours might be suspicious, but it's not necessary to tell her. You need to protect your current position until you've accepted an offer for a new one.

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