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  • Pen Name: Brown Crayon (pseudonym)

Brown Crayon in the Workplace


Networks are valuable. Your network is the whole of a group of people you know in your life. You should cultivate your network using kindness, helpfulness, and thoughtfulness with a giving attitude. A type of person in your network is the one within your inner circle, whom you know well and trust. The person might be a member of your family or a long-time friend. The larger your inner circle, the more opportunities you’ll create for yourself. Your inner circle is the key to your network. You must have a solid inner circle. Another type of person in your network is an acquaintance. Somebody you’ve met briefly at an event, on social media or introduced by a friend. Build better relationships with your friends. They will graduate into your inner circle and help propel your life forward. You should volunteer in a high-profile capacity that will showcase your skills. Do favors regularly for people in your network, and when you need something done they will be receptive to help out. Write thank you notes to everyone who helps out in any way. You then will be looked at as a true professional. Share your information with others. Being known as someone who knows other people can provide introductions that will enhance your reputation considerably. What you know may not matter as much as whom you know. Meeting other people in a professional setting, or networking is an essential part of building your business or career.

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