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How to Give ❤ Luke 6:38

Nonprofits & Diversity ▼

“Telling my story of what I experienced in the workplace.”

The lack of diversity in our country's corporate leadership is now a regular topic of public debate. The face of wealth is changing and with these changes, the face of fundraising must change as well. We know that diversity helps for non-profit organizations to be more creative and innovative, drive growth, and improve employee retention. Before you give, check their website to find out how much of your donation is administrative and technology cost throughout the organization. Most non-profit companies have put out some type of diversity statement with strategies in place to meet their fundraising goals, but have not incorporated diversity into every aspect of their hiring practices. They are just "talking" and tiptoeing around the diversity conversation. God wants us to be givers because the act of charity spiritually enriches the benefactor. Educate yourself on the 501(c)(3) before giving!

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